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WEB Distribution

WEB distribution     (download pdf file )

Company Profile
WEB Distribution Services Sdn Bhd is a joint-venture company with equal shareholding between Warner Music Malaysia, EMI Malaysia and BMG Music Malaysia. It specialises in entertainment distribution over 200 retail outlets throughout Malaysia.

When WEB was established in March 1998, it did not have an accounting system. The company required a solution that could consolidate the three principal companies' order from one customer into a single invoice. At the same time, the system must be able to split the invoice details at the A/R or G/L Level to show the amount owed to each of the principal companies.

Business Solution
Solomon IV ® is optimized exclusively for Microsoft Windows NT Server and Microsoft SQL, which meant easy integration with WEB's existing computing environment. After the hand-over, SW Soft further conducted a thorough study of WEB's newly established information system. Solomon IV ® modules were then customized to offer enhanced flexibility in consolidating central reports without having to rework the chart of accounts in a multi-company environment.

With the Solomon IV ® financial accounting series, WEB is able to provide faster reporting and user response time on Microsoft SQL. This has dramatically increased staff productivity and significantly reduced the need for overtime which in turn reduces operating costs. The software also automatically performs inter-company transactions, thus eliminating costly errors in consolidating information from the three principal companies. Valuable time is also saved on projects involving multiple offices because sales and customer service representatives no longer have to worry about recording the balancing transactions. Furthermore, the scalability of the MS Windows NT Server enables WEB to increase processing horsepower anytime by adding additional processors. Database administration time is greatly reduced by elimination and automation of some common administration tasks by Microsoft SQL. Overall, staff enjoy enhanced efficiency and greater accuracy through automation. The robust, scalable Solomon IV ® will continue to provide the critical administrative support that WEB requires for day-to-day operations and future business growth.