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Potain Pte Ltd     (download pdf file )

Company Profile
Founded in 1928, Potain is a world-leading tower crane manufacturer. Potain is part of the French-based Legris Industries Group, an international industrial group which also has businesses dealing in industrial fluids, domestic fluids and tower cranes. With 8 industrial sites, 15 sales subsidiaries and 2,563 employees worldwide, Potain also boasts the world's largest range of tower cranes. Potain has sold over 80,000 cranes over a 72-year period, with 2,600 cranes sold in 1999. The company has been involved in some of the world's most prestigious construction projects including the Three Gorges Dam in China, Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong, Suhae Grand Bridge in South Korea and Star-city in Kuala Lumpur. Potain has strategically located subsidiaries in the Asia Pacific region, including Potain Inc in the Philippines, Potain Shanghai and the regional headquarters, Potain Pte Ltd. The Asia Pacific accounted for 5% of its sales in 1999.

In 1998 when Potain set up its Asian office, their main concern was to find and implement the right business solution in a short time. They needed a solution that was convenient, scalable, and compatible with the system in use by their worldwide headquarters.

Business Solution
Potain chose to install a basic version that could be upgraded in future. Their package included the Solomon IVĀ® Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and especially the Multi-currency modules. The SWsoft team found a solution for Potain Pte Ltd to share its data and consolidate its results with its parent company. They picked up the former database, converted and reset it up, adapted it, and integrated it with the French database. The team also helped to settle Potain's inventory process.

The quick implementation saved Potain valuable time, allowing the company to get on with its business. Solomon's Microsoft-based technology was so convenient and user-friendly that Potain's staff were able to use it straight-away. In addition, generating new reports and gathering information was made easier because the system was compatible with that of the French headquarters. However, the major benefit lies in its scalability. Knowing that the system can be upgraded anytime the need arises has allowed Potain to concentrate on expanding its business with peace of mind.