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Philip Morris

Philip Morris Pte Ltd     (download pdf file )

Company Profile
The Philip Morris name has a high visibility and is very well regarded throughout the world. It distributes top-quality cigarettes to over 180 markets worldwide and is also a significant economic contributor and employer. Singapore-based Philip Morris Pte Ltd is the regional headquarters for Southeast Asia. Together with its Brunei office, it has a strong presence in the region.

Due to rapid expansion, Philip Morris Pte Ltd found that its original accounting system could not meet its new require-ments and the growing size of its database. It was not suitable for the company to adopt Philip Morris worldwide's industry-specific accounting software that was based on its client/server computing environment even though this software served the world-wide operations' extensive information needs well. The reason was that the size of the Southeast Asian market and the volume of sales activities did not warrant moving to a global system. Cost and the short time available to implement a new system were the other reasons.

Business Solution
Philip Morris Pte Ltd decided that a Windows-based mid-range ERP system would best meet its needs. It evaluated several well-known accounting packages and chose Solomon IV ® ERP software in 1997 because the package satisfied all the requirements. It is not only fast and easy to implement, it is also flexible and scalable, and most of all affordable. In under three months, nine modules for nine users in Singapore and seven modules for three users in Brunei were implemented.

Solomon IV® is distinctively different because it minimizes user training, system maintenance and application development costs. Moreover, the software is capable of being customized for virtually any purpose. Philip Morris has found Solomon IV® less complex and virtually trouble-free to operate, besides being able to meet all their needs within a short period of time.