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Asia Market Intelligence (AMI)

Asia Market Intelligence (AMI)

Company Profile
Founded in 1991, Asia Market Intelligence (AMI) has now become one of Asia’s premier market research group, providing a full range of world class research services throughout the region. With headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Asia, AMI aims to deliver highly actionable results based on their expertise in data collection, analysis and interpretation.

In line with AMI’s consistent efforts to providing top-quality research for its clients and improving efficiency standards, a powerful and comprehensive accounting solution was thus needed.

Business Solution
After evaluating several alternatives, AMI was convinced that Solomon IV® was the right choice. With joint help and expertise from Solomon Software’s resellers (SWsoft Consulting Division and KASY & Associates Sdn. Bhd.,) as well as Solomon Software Hong Kong; the following Solomon IV® modules were chosen for implementation in AMI Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong respectively:

  • • System Manager with Seagate Crystal Reports
  • • Customization Manager
  • • General Ledger
  • • Accounts Payable
  • • Accounts Receivable
  • • Cash Manager
  • • Currency Manager
  • • Project Controller
  • • Time & Expense for Projects

This decision to invest in Solomon IV® was certainly a wise one as it allows AMI to gain many returns on investments such as improved efficiency, enhanced data accuracy, automation of all forms and reports as well as greater control, flexibility and reliability across their different offices in Asia. In addition, future expansion plans of AMI within SEA would be greatly boosted by SWsoft Consulting Division whose technology and strong industry expertise will help ensure a smooth and quick implementation and more importantly, help AMI realize the many benefits from Solomon IV®.